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1941 Finally the Pacific War.
Japan struggled in desperation and went on the path of ruin.

1945 The world entered the era of the Cold War.
The United States allowed Japan to regenerate its homes in order to incorporate it into its own international political system.
Japan survived. However, former colonials (such as the Korean Peninsula) became foreigners again.

1950 The Korean Peninsula was once again a victim of international politics.
It is the Korean War by the same family that started from the Cold War.

1953 Japan has taken a step forward in its rebirth.
However, the Korean Peninsula became a mess and became a migrant to the return of Koreans living in Japan.


~ At the end ~

As a result of Japan's rush toward Asian rule under the banner of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Area" in the first half of the 20th century.
He fell into a serious crisis related to the survival of the nation and asked, "How much adverse effect did it have on the lives and livelihoods of the people?"
Or, "How much pain did you give to Asian people?" I believe that everyone understood.

And in the latter half of the twentieth century, he promised the world that he would "see for world peace" without being involved in war again.
The majority of us Koreans in Japan also support this promise and are watching over Japan's current state of advocating a peaceful nation.

We hope that Japan will never become a war nation and strive to be an "alarm clock for Japanese society."

With Japanese volunteers.

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