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General opening date:

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Opening hours:

10:00 ~ 17:00

(Admission is until 16:30)

ホーム イベント


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What is the Torai-jin History Museum?
~ Creating a country through learning ・ Learning accurate and objective history of East Asian relations ~

Japan, a small island nation located in the far east of Asia, accepted the "civilization and culture" of China, which was an advanced power in ancient times through exchanges with the Korean Peninsula, and utilized it for its own nation-building.

It is said that we have entered an era of strong originality after Heian, while making steady efforts to create a country that is independent and independent.

In addition, even during the Age of Discovery, the influence of European powers was minimized, and the social assets of ancient cultural assets were socialized.

Inheritance continued.

However, in the Meiji era, which began with the shock of the arrival of the Black Ships, it was strongly stimulated by the advanced routes of Europe and the United States, and combined with the "Fukoku Kyohei Policy", the result was that the social environment was infested with an aggressive atmosphere.

It is widely known that in the early 20th century, it won the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War and was recognized by the West as a member of the world's five major nations.

By the way, in the Showa era, as a result of our country Japan, which advocates its own country first principle as well as the great power principle, rushed toward Asian rule under the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Area Concept", it faced a serious crisis related to the survival of the nation. How much do you know about the "results"?

I hope that you will once again look back on the "2000 Years of Japanese History" and use it as a material for reconsideration so that you can see the future of the country and that you will never make mistakes again.


Toshi Kawabe, Director of the History Museum

​Introducing the hall


Meeting Room & Library


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Opening date

General opening day ▶ Friday, Saturday, Sunday Group reservation Opening day ▶ Anytime

(Please contact us if you wish)

Opening hours

10: 00 ~ 17: 00

(Admission is until 16:30)

Admission fee

Admission fee ▶ 100 yen

* Free for high school students and younger

ホーム 入館料

2-4-6 Umebayashi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

TEL: 077-525-3030

FAX: 077-525-3450

ホーム アクセス

■ Transportation ■ 5 minutes walk from the south exit of JR Biwako Line "Otsu Station", 3 minutes by car from the Meishin Expressway Otsu IC, along National Highway No. 1

■ Parking lot ■ 6 cars (1st floor parking lot of the hotel)

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