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Colonial rule from modern wealthy soldiers

In the 19th century, for Japan, which had nothing to do with the world, Perry's visit shook Japan and brought about a dramatic change in the Bakuhan system.
The new government by the Meiji Restoration will face the economic and military power of Europe and the United States, and will switch the subsequent state management to European supreme principle in order to learn how to acquire its powerful national power. After making efforts to imitate Britain and Germany, and after the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War, he became a member of the world's five major nations. As a result, we will steadily implement unequal treaties and internal affairs interference imposed on developed countries against Asian countries. After the annexation of South Korea in 1910 in Korea, the 21-article request in 1915, and the Manchurian Incident in 1931, a full-scale war broke out, leading to a subsequent swamp. Then we head for the Pacific War from 1941.

1 Invaded Asia, Empire of Japan

2 2million people from Korea to Japan

3 Why did you go to Japan?

4"Japanese" with only shapes
5 Conscripted and killed

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