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The Japanese people and Japanese culture are not uniquely formed.
It was the migrants from the Korean Peninsula who introduced the technique of "paddy rice cultivation" to the Japanese archipelago during the Jomon period and built the Yayoi period, which was the origin of the Japanese nation.
In the Kofun period, technologies such as "iron" were established, and in the 5th century, many lifestyle cultures and character cultures such as "civil engineering and architecture" were established.
Also, in the 6th century, "Buddhism" was introduced, which would have a great influence on the Japanese nation after that.
After that, in the 7th century, it was governed by the Ritsuryo system through the Taika Reform, and the Japanese archipelago strove to build a new country and create its own culture after the Heian period, based on the advanced culture from the continent. It will be done.

Visiting the ancient I archipelago and building a society

1 Jomon people's arrival and the beginning of sedentary life

2 Yayoi people's arrival and the birth of an agricultural society

3 The swell of the arrival from the Korean Peninsula

4 Cooperation between the Five Kings of Wa and Baekje

Ancient II The establishment of an ancient nation and the role of migrants
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