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Modern / modern defeat and birth of Koreans in Japan (occurrence)

When talking about modern and contemporary Japan, it is not possible to exclude Koreans living in Japan who are seniors of resident foreigners. Symbolic cases such as forced entrainment and the massacre of Koreans during the Great Kanto Earthquake, such as Japanization education under colonial rule and Soshi-kaimei, should never be weathered, and are handed down for the sake of Japanese society. Should be.
In addition, the current state of society, where there are few books that introduce the history of Koreans living in Japan and no consideration is given to opportunities for history education at school, is a major factor that makes Koreans living in Japan an "invisible existence." It is feared that the historical perception of Japanese Koreans living in Japan will remain biased and will not improve.

1 Why did you not return to Japan at the end of the war

2 One-sidedly from "Japanese" to foreigners

3 Severe life after the war

4 Korean War of the same ethnic group

5 Number of people "resident in Japan" after the war

6 Current Koreans in Japan

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